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EN1090 EXC4

The Most Demanding European Standard

Mecanidraulica, Metalomecânica Internacional, a specialist in heavy metal construction, with works spread all over the world, has been certified with the European Standard EN 1090 execution class 4 - the highest execution class with CE marking.

With this certification, the work, the demand and the rigour that has always guided our work are recognized, placing Mecanidraulica in the restricted group of companies with Execution Class 4 - for work of increased rigour and complexity, such as bridges over densely populated areas, industrial units with high-risk potential and even tanks in the nuclear industry.

This certification complements the company's greatest asset, the workforce, the people who work on a daily basis to ensure the delivery of the works with the rigour and professionalism for which Mecanidraulica is known.

EN ISO 3834-2

Quality of the Welding Processes

ISO 3834 defines a set of quality requirements allowing to exercise the necessary control to ensure the quality of the welding processes.


The certification according to this standard shows that Mecanidraulica, Metalomecânica Internacional, has the necessary conditions to ensure a quality welding process. Being part 2, the most demanding.

Certificate EN 3834-2 Front.jpg
Certificate EN 3834-2 Back.jpg
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